Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Oh yeah first topic of this blog about TSM (Teamsolomid) its not only because I enjoy playing league of Legends a lot( that will be dumb don't you guys think?) this is about one of the best team of this gaming house, here we have TSM's League of Legends team. Also they won the NACS (North America Championship Series)

Starting from the left to the right we have on of the best mid laners in the game meta of this year, his name is Søren Bjerg or his IGN (In Game Name) Bjergsen. He won the MVP award in this NACS.

Then we have Marcus "Dyrus" Hill, ( my favorite player) and the most dangerous sure Bjergsen can destroy you with one combo bot this guys is the tank of the team and the starter of the teamfigths.

Half way to the end we have the Lustboy or Jang-sik Ham is the Korean player of TSM, his role to play is the support and he has demonstrated that he is capable rock the enemy team with just a single ability.

The one after the last one is Lucas Larsen AKA Santorin is the rookie of the team, we don´t know much about him but it's clear that he is one of the best junglers in NA.

Last but not Least is Wildturtle or Jason Tran the best AD carry in all NA and a great play maker, he is a good teammate, and a kind person.

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